What is the Teaching Learning Center?

The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) of ECHO (diversity policy expertise center) offers a platform where (educational) professionals and students can go for knowledge and inspiration in the field of diversity and inclusion in education. Through news, research, concepts and other media, TLC tells the different stories that take place in education and the shell surrounding it. The TLC was set up on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.

In addition, the TLC is also intentional in making voices heard that are underexposed in the public debate. In this way, we pay attention to students and (educational) professionals from underrepresented groups in education, by discussing their experience expertise. Do you have ideas for good contributions or stories? Let us know!

Who is the Teaching Learning Center for?

The TLC is a platform that focuses on students and (educational) professionals who want to know more about diversity and inclusion in education. We do this by sharing personal stories, research and practical tools, paying attention to the different starting points one can have on the subject. Whether you are getting acquainted with the subject for the first time or you are looking for in-depth knowledge – there is something for everyone at TLC!

What can I find on the Teaching Learning Center?

At TLC you can find different forms of knowledge in the field of diversity and inclusion in education. The variety ensures that you can learn more about diversity and inclusion in education, regardless of your entry level and learning style.

Under the News section you will find the latest developments on diversity and inclusion in education, as well as our own series and contributions. The Frameworks & Definitions serve to explain the meaning and background of terms that are often used in the professional field. This can be done through text as well as video! In the Knowledge Base you will find an overview of various studies, theses, podcasts, best practices and news articles in the field of diversity and inclusion in education. Practical for both research or deepening your knowledge!

The Teaching Learning Center team

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